About Find Your Favorite®

Find Your Favorite“Find Your Favorite is a campaign that will encourage the students and families of Indianapolis Public School (IPS) to explore the abundant offerings of fruits & vegetables. I believe that everyone has a favorite produce item. By connecting fruits & vegetables to people who represent the interests & dreams of our youth, we are glamorizing healthy choices and inspiring healthy eating. This in-school initiative will empower the IPS community to find their favorites by offering educational materials about the affordability and seasonality of fresh produce, as well as exclusive grocery offers and coupons which will be provided by produce industry vendors & partners of Indianapolis Fruit Company.”

—Lori Taylor, The Produce Mom Indianapolis Fruit Company


“We understand the connection between healthy eating and learning. We also know many of our children do not eat, or have access to fresh fruit and vegetables outside of school. We are proud of our partnership with Indianapolis Fruit and thank the Produce Mom for this initiative.”

—Superintendent Dr. Eugene G. White, Indianapolis Public Schools


“Indianapolis Fruit Company is proud to support the ‘Find Your Favorite’ campaign. The goal of ‘Find Your Favorite’ is to introduce children to the many wonderful and tasty fruits and vegetables, and the importance a healthy diet plays in all our lives. Through this campaign we want to improve healthy choices for schoolchildren and teach them to make good decisions about snacks and meals. We appreciate the leadership of The Produce Mom in this initiative. Also, we are appreciative of the support of the many talented, hard-working local heroes who have participated and are great role models for our youth.”

—Mike Mascari, President of Indianapolis Fruit Company

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