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We are all home-bound these days, and we are looking for fun (and educational) activities for our kids.  These activity sheets are a great way to keep kids learning and entertained at home (especially while mom is working from home, on a call or cooking dinner). And what’s great about the following activity sheets is that they familiarize children with one of America’s top-selling fruits, the apple!

As society stabilizes and returns to “normal” these activity sheets are also perfect for classrooms, libraries and camps.  And the best part about these activity sheets…the are FREE and easy to download!

Free Downloadable Activity Sheets

Our first activity sheet is all about counting one more and one less and is perfect for kids from 3-6 years old.  And at the bottom of the sheet, they even get a chance to show their artistic ability to draw apples!

Our second activity sheet is an Apple Crossword Puzzle.  Kids will love learning all about apples: attributes, uses, history and other fun facts.  And this activity sheet is perfect for kids from 6-9 years old.


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About Applewood Fresh

Applewood Fresh works with family farmers to bring their products to market. They represent over 34 Michigan apple farmers, spanning 11,000 acres throughout the state of Michigan.

Applewood Fresh has three packing facilities in Michigan. They distribute to 15 states, including major retail chains, food service companies, universities, and hospitals.

Applewood Fresh grows 21 varieties of apples. But their KIKU®, Kanzi®, EverCrisp®, SweeTango®, and Rave® brands are what set the company apart from others in the industry.  You can find Applewood Fresh apples in Kroger, Meijer, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, and other major retailers.

Applewood Fresh wants you to explore the apples at your local grocery stores. There are so many varieties that range from tart to sweet and everything in between. So, we challenge you to try them all and try them often.

Recipes from Applewood Fresh

EverCrisp® Apple & Crab Puffs

Apple Salsa

No-Bake Mini Caramel Apple Tarts

All-American Apple Pie

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