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Fresh Summit 2018 with Mucci Farms

Fresh Summit, an annual event hosted by the Produce Marketing Association, is the place for the produce department brands to tout their new products and innovations!  This year, the star of the show was the new CuteCumber Popper from Mucci Farms!

Recently our founder Lori visited Mucci Farms.  She had the opportunity to meet several members of the Mucci Farms team, and witness their amazing innovation.

Mucci Farms grows fresh greenhouse produce in Ontario and Ohio, they are known as true flavor and innovation leaders in tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, eggplant, lettuce, and herbs!

NOTHING is more innovative and fun than their new CUTECUMBER POPPERS!  These are Mini Cocktail Cucumbers

  • 1 bite snacks!
  • No cutting or chopping required!
  • PERFECT for adults and kids alike!

CuteCumber Poppers from Mucci Farms are a true “Produce Mom Pick!” These are NEW to the produce department – ask for them by name at your grocery store!

Thank you so much to Mucci Farms for partnering with us to create this video.  We truly believe in this product and appreciate your support of The Produce Moms!


Learn more about Mucci Farms by visiting their website and check out this amazing video about how they grow cucumbers:


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