7 Grape Recipes

Grapes have been around for thousands of years, originating in Western Asia and Central Europe. Some say they are the oldest cultivated fruit. But this “old” fruit is growing in popularity and getting a makeover, thanks to some new delicious varieties, such as Moon Drops and Flavor Pops.

Besides being delicious, grapes are very good for us. They contain a variety of antioxidants, which clean free radicals out of your bloodstream. And research shows grapes also improve health throughout the body, including the heart, eyes, brain, and joints.

7 Grape Recipes from The Produce Mom

Grapes are readily available in most parts of the United States nearly all year. When shopping for grapes, be sure to choose ones that are plump and have pliable green stems. Don’t worry if you see a powdery-white coating on the grapes. That’s called bloom, a naturally occurring substance that protects grapes from decay. At home, keep grapes unwashed in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use them. Then simply rinse them with cold water before serving them or cooking with them.

Wondering how to incorporate grapes into your cooking? Try these 7 glorious grape recipes!


Honey-Balsamic Chicken with California GrapesGrapes are a key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which focuses on fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and healthy fats. Enjoy your own Mediterranean-inspired meal with this flavorful and colorful Honey-Balsamic Chicken with California Grapes.


Grape Fruit Leather with California GrapesHere’s a throwback to your childhood – Grape Fruit Leather with California Grapes. It’s a unique way to eat fresh grapes!


Cotton Candy Grape Jam from an Aiming High WifeWhen life gives you grapes, make jam! Don’t be intimidated by the jamming process. Follow An Aiming High Wife’s Cotton Candy Grape Jam recipe and you’ll see how easy – and delicious – it is!


Cosmic Fruit Wrap from Produce for KidsFruit is always a good choice for breakfast. Switch up your usual fruit routine with this Cosmic Fruit Wrap from Produce for Kids. It’s a quick and easy solution to your busy school morning breakfasts.


Five Ways to Use Grapes from Meal Planning MagicLooking for a new way to serve grapes? Check out these Five Ways to Use Grapes from Meal Planning Magic. My favorite? Frozen grapes! They’re perfect for kids’ lunchboxes, too!


Mango-Grape-Banana Sorbet from Basil MommaA healthy sweet treat? It can be done! This Mango-Grape-Banana Sorbet from Basil Momma is all fruit – no cream and no sugar. Your family won’t know they’re eating a healthy dessert when they dip their spoons into this sorbet!


Grilled Chicken, Grape, & Orzo Salad from The Produce MomGrapes make a sweet appearance in this Grilled Chicken, Grape, & Orzo Salad from yours truly. This is a light but delectable lunch, perfect for the office!

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