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…Half of the food that’s produced in the world goes to waste, which in turn wastes the precious resources used to produce & ship it?

  • YOU can help by ONLY buying the food you will use

…If we all used our own reusable shopping bag just ONCE a week, we’d keep 16 BILLION bags out of landfills?

  • YOU can help by saying NO to paper & plastic

…that Earthbound Farm is leading the way in Greener Shopping options for consumers?

  • Earthbound packages their salads in 100% post-consumer recycled clamshells, saving 2 million pounds of solid waste each year & 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions
  • Earthbound is keeping over 19 million pounds of pesticides & fertilizers out of the environment by farming their fields organically
  • Earthbound uses 99% post-consumer recycled paperboard for its shipping cartons & 100% post-consumer recycled paper in their business machine

You gotta check out Earthbound Farm’s “Guide to Greener Shopping” – it’s part of our Earth Month celebrations & they made it really simple for us consumers – “Follow the 4 Ps”

PLAN to Shop Smart – this means making a grocery list based off your meal plans & sticking to it.  In turn, you will eliminate the need to make multiple runs to the grocery store.  In a nutshell, a comprehensive grocery list & some simple meal planning reduces fuel, packaging AND food waste!  I recently did inventory on my pantry.  Took about 15 minutes.  I was able to scratch off about $40 worth of items from my grocery list… things I thought I didn’t have to prepare my family’s meals for the coming week.  So this P helps with a different type of “green” as well – it’s a cash saver!

Be PACKAGE Wise – I tried this simple modification during my last shopping trip.  I only purchased items that used packaging responsibly.  That means packaging that is REusable, REcyclable & REsealable.  Excessive packaging is annoying & totally out of style.  I hate when I open a packaging box to find my food inside another plastic bag that is about 1/4 the size of the box.  Total waste!  Plus take it a step further & think about how those large boxes take up more room on the delivery trucks – its much more than a waste of paperboard.  Cargo fleet could increase efficiencies and move more product in its routes if all food was packaged responsibly.  Finally, be wise with the packaging you buy.  Can you reuse it?  I did not use ziploc baggies this week in Mac’s lunch because I was resourceful with the packaging that I purchased during my weekend grocery trip.  Another great idea – my cousin saves cereal boxes & uses them for gift giving.  They are the perfect size for many gifts & it’s a nostalgic and unique way to “wrap” a gift.

Be Choosy About the PRODUCTS You Buy – Buy only what you will use!  A recent study found that American throw away 40% of the food they buy, or about $2300 annually per household.  WHAT?!???  We gotta stop this, my friends!  World food demand has never been higher & last time I checked – none of us had $2300 laying around that we just want to throw in the trash.  I throw away less food now that I’m juicing.  If I stray from my meal plans or cannot use my produce before it starts to show age, into the juicer or blender it goes!  Produce is the ultimate multi-tasking food.  You can do SO MUCH with fruits & veggies.  Eat em raw, boil them, bake them, steam them, grill them, oven roast them (insert Bubba Gump joke here), puree them, juice them, stir fry them, etc.  Buy foods that multi-task & you will have less waste.  Furthermore, you gotta buy foods that are full of nutrition – all natural & organics are great options!  If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, your body doesn’t need it.  The USDA Organic Seal is a great way to identify the foods that are free of synthetic pesticides, irradiation & GMOs – you will find this seal on all Earthbound Farm products.

Just Say No to “PAPER or PLASTIC” – Pretty self explanatory.  An exorbitant amount of grocery sacks end up in landfills.  Do your part by utilizing reusable totes.  To celebrate Earth Month, Earthbound Farm is giving away free reusable grocery bags!  Visit their facebook page to enter & win!

Whew!  That’s a TON of great information.  What are YOU going to do to “Shop Greener?”  Earthbound Farm & I would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below 🙂

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CONTEST TIME!!!!!   Now to help entice you to practice the 4 Ps, Earthbound Farm has placed some “secret shoppers” at grocery stores across the United States.  These “secret shoppers” are scanning the carts going through the store to find shoppers who are using the 4Ps & shopping greener.  And… you guessed it… they are picking up the tab for the green carts they find!  You can find details about the Virtual Grocery Giveaway on Earthbound’s Facebook page.  Follow the Earthbound news feed on Facebook to find out where the secret shoppers are in action – some stores they are targeting include Meijer, Hy-Vee, Harris Teeter, and more!  Connect with the fun on twitter, too – utilize #EveryCartCounts & #EBFCartSearch for more info!


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My Cart Counts.  So Does Yours!

xoxo Produce Mom

Lori Taylor

Author: Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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