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“We shop the world to make sure our customers have the fruits & vegetables they need for their produce department.”
– Dan Corsaro, EVP Sales & Marketing of Indianapolis Fruit Company.

Indianapolis Fruit Company is where I work.  We are a distributor of fresh produce – Indy Fruit supplies grocers and retailers in more than 14 states with the freshest, safest and most enjoyable fruits, vegetables and other essential produce items on the market today. We’re family owned & operated and we have been an integral part of the fruit & veggie supply chain since 1947.

As an entity in the middle of the fruit & vegetable supply chain, our relationships on both sides of the operation are essential.  Growers & shippers of fresh produce are Indy Fruit’s valued vendor partners.  Without their help and support we could not supply our retail customers, the grocery stores, with the fruits and veggies that all us consumers need/want!

Produce is a very “subject to market availability” industry.  The cost & availability of the goods we represent changes daily – often multiple times a day.  Dan Corsaro is one of my bosses & an owner of Indy Fruit.  He has an inspiring passion for all things produce.  Danny has two very famous taglines related to the day-to-day operations of produce distribution:

  • “We shop the world”
  • “We sell it or smell it”

Both mantras are beyond true.  This industry will keep any good procurement & sales team on their toes.  Next time you shop for fruits & veggies, take a minute to look at the PLU stickers (the numeric codes on your produce) – every PLU sticker identifies the commodity’s country of origin.  Of course a ton of produce grows with great success here in the United States – California, Washington, New York, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Idaho and many more states farm to keep us Americans well fed.  However, as you keep an eye out for the country of origin on your produce, you will start to notice things like Pears from Argentina, Kiwi from Italy, Grapes from South Africa, Peaches from Chile, and here in a just a couple of months… Apples from New Zealand will grace the shelves of your local produce department.

This week Dan Corsaro visited Freshco, an export company that handles an array of quality fruit and vegetables, grown both conventionally and organically throughout New Zealand.  New Zealand has a wonderful climate, fertile soils and an abundance of pure water – making this country a mecca for agriculture.  Freshco, like Indy Fruit, is dedicated to supplying consumers with the freshest & most flavorful fruits and vegetables.  It is with great pride that we call Freshco one of our partners.

Freshco is a valued vendor partner of Indianapolis Fruit Company
Freshco is a valued vendor partner of Indianapolis Fruit Company

The Breeze Apple is Freshco’s new apple variety & is grown with pride in their New Zealand orchards.  Breeze has been praised for its sweet flavor, the crunch & the gorgeous appearance.  Currently, Breeze apples are only available from Freshco in New Zealand and are in high demand around the globe.  Indy Fruit’s unique relationship with Freshco will help get the Breeze apple to the United States & hopefully into a grocery store near you!

breeze apples have sold out in New Zealand - we are thrilled to be one of the distributors bringing this exciting new apple variety to the United States!
Breeze Apples are available now in New Zealand – Indy Fruit is thrilled to bring this exciting new apple variety to the United States!

The next time you shop for produce, take a minute to look at where it is from.  I love teaching my kids about the world as we shop for fruits & veggies.  We look up the countries on the map when we get home from the store & take turns guessing how many days it takes for the fruit to travel from its country of origin to our local grocery store.

Know that each stage of this global industry’s supply chain is staffed with individuals who are working around the clock & “shopping the world” to make sure your family has the freshest & most flavorful produce available!  When I was working as a sales rep I would often envision families sitting at their kitchen table & enjoying the fresh fruits and veggies I was selling to the grocery stores.  There’s just a lot of love in food.  Produce industry professionals are passionate about bringing wholesome foods into your home kitchens.  Fostering global relationships and international vendor partners are just one of the essential components that happens “behind the scenes” in this industry.   We want to make sure that consumers have a wide variety of fresh fruits & vegetables available at their local grocery store throughout the entire year.  Buying products from Freshco is just one of the ways that Indy Fruit helps keep your produce department stocked.

Please enjoy this exclusive look at the Breeze Apple fields & Freshco operation – “The Fresh Fruit Company of New Zealand.”  Thank you to Freshco for being a valued partner of Indianapolis Fruit Company.

Dan Corsaro is introduced to Breeze Apples at the Freshco Office
Dan Corsaro is introduced to Breeze Apples at the Freshco Office
In the field with some of the newly-planted breeze apple trees
In the field with some of the newly-planted breeze apple trees
Freshco Harvest of Granny Smith Apples
Freshco Harvest of Golden Delicious Apples
Danny assisting with the Harvest
Danny assisting with the Harvest
2 large bins - the fruits of Freshco's labor & Danny's assistance.
2 large bins ready for the packing house
"Now that's a good apple.  When can we start selling it?"
“Now this is a good apple. When can we start selling it?”


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Lori Taylor

Author: Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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