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My personal network has been instrumental in the growth of The Produce Mom.  This has been a true grassroots process.  My friend’s husband designed the logo.  My co-workers’ cousin manages this website.  My Aunt Jean proudly carries her Produce Mom tote during her weekly shopping trips to Kohl’s & CVS.  From the local media, to my sons’ schools, to the Indy Fruit family & beyond… it has taken a village & the role of this personal network will remain at the forefront as we continue to expand and grow The Produce Mom brand.

I often am asked “How do you do it?”  or hear “You make it look so easy.”

Guess what…  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

My life is chaos, my house is never clean, my laundry is never done, and my neighbors often have to text me to remind me about trash day.  But that’s all normal, right?

Sometimes I just feel like quitting & returning to my old, low-profile self.  It’s not easy when I take my kids to the pizza place after working a long exhausting day & get approached by a Produce Mom follower… “What are you doing here???”  Don’t get me wrong now–I absolutely love that this has taken off & the awareness is growing with The Produce Mom.  But I’m also a human being who sometimes just doesn’t feel like cooking dinner & having more dirty dishes piled up in the sink.  If you see me at the grocery store, I might have wine or cookies in my cart, but it’ll also be full of fresh, healthy foods.  You might spot me at the neighborhood pizza place occasionally, but you can also find me cooking at home 5 nights a week.  And I’m convinced that this is why The Produce Mom is enjoying such a favorable response from consumers & our industry partners.  It’s just real.  I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a dietician.  And I’m the first to admit that I love a cheesy appetizer or a chocolate dessert – yet nothing excites me more than the perfect apple.  The point here is that this has been an emotional journey.  I’ve had a shift in identity, but I’m still just that normal person who happens to know a lot about fruits & vegetables and enjoys them immensely.

So, back to the question “How do you do it?”

I can do it because I’m a mom.  If you can raise children, you can do anything.  That’s something all my encouraging co-workers tell me when I’m crying by the coffee pot because I’m so overwhelmed.  They look me in the eye & say “You can do this.  You’re a mom.  Moms can do anything.”

I know it’s true because I witnessed the resiliency of mothers through my mom.  She’s a big reason why I haven’t gone crazy.  I’m 31 & keeping her busy as ever – calling for her advice or texting her to help with picking up the boys or bumming dinner at her house.

So there you have it.  I love my fruits & vegetables, but have been known to enjoy pizza or eat a cookie after dinner.  My laundry usually gets washed & dried, but doesn’t always get folded.  My mom is my biggest fan.  My best friend.  And the reason why I know I can continue down this demanding path.  Here’s a challenge for all of us: find a mom with an easy life.  I don’t think that exists.

I’ll close with this question: “How do any of us do it?”

xoxo Produce Mom

Lori Taylor

Author: Lori Taylor

Lori Taylor is the Founder & CEO of The Produce Moms. For ten years she sold fresh produce to over 300 grocery stores throughout the United States, and today she is fully focused on working with the produce supply chain, media, and government to increase fresh produce access & consumption in the US and around the globe. Connect with Lori on LinkedIn.

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