I am always fielding questions about where consumers can find the products that I recommend & promote on my page.  And I always answer the same way… If you want a product that your grocery store/produce retailer does not have – simply ask them to start buying it for you.

I can tell a grocery giant like Kroger or Marsh until I’m blue in the face that they need to stock Matilda Chips, but I’m the sales rep.  YOU are the customer.  Your needs are always the most important.  If the customer isn’t happy, we’re all out of business!  It makes sense.

Most of the staff at my local grocery store, especially the produce department employees, know me.  I am always asking them to help me find & source things.  They love it!  And it keeps me from shopping the competition.

Do you want Crazy Apples for your kids?

Maybe the El Popo Tortillas that I buy for Indianapolis Fruit Company?

Or the divine mango salsa (it’s so good on fish) by Garden Cut?

Just ask.  They will listen.


Here are a few numbers to get you started in the quest to make your local Produce Department THE destination for all YOUR needs & wants:

Kroger =  800-576-4377

Marsh = 800-382-8798

Meijer = 877-363-4537

Walmart = 800-925-6278


xoxo Produce Mom


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