Best Free Throw Percentage Improver, Billy Keller Basketball Camp 1989

Honorable Mention Fine Arts Achievement, Saint Barnabas School 1992

Most Outspoken, Roncalli High School 1999

Best Boyfriend, Beta Chapter Kappa Alpha Theta 2003

Human Relations Award, MSD Perry Township 2005

Board of Directors, Officer David S Moore Foundation 2011

Indiana Female Focus, Fox59 2012

Awards.  We all love them.  There is a great feeling of accomplishment that comes with recognition.   Each of these distinctions/awards means something very special to me & each of them lives on in my life today.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this journey.  I will celebrate my 4 month anniversary as The Produce Mom on the same day as my 31st Birthday (April 19th).  I couldn’t be happier with where my life is at right now.  It’s a great feeling & I know it’s a blessing.  I owe much gratitude to you all – I’ve said it a million times, but I’m going to say it again because I do understand none of this would be happening without you reading my blog & making me relevant.  I also have to thank Angela Ganote, the local broadcaster who was instrumental in me being chosen as the Fox 59 Indiana Female Focus & of course the magicians behind the scenes at Fox 59 News who put together an amazing news segment.  I must say…. it was pure bliss watching Joe & Mac smile when Mommy was on the news!

Click here to watch the news segment.


xoxo Produce Mom


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3 thoughts on “Indiana Female Focus: The Produce Mom”

  1. Lori, “Most Outspoken” and the “Indiana Female Focus” are my two favorite of your awards. I would like to add another award:

    Being nicknamed “Little Donna” years ago. You give
    great parties and the food has always been delicious!

    You know how honored I was to hear you were given that nickname by your friends. That was way before you became famous and I smile when I think about it. We love you and enjoy every blog!

    1. Donna- thank you so much! I look at all these awards & smile b/c they represent growth in my life! I honestly cannot pick a favorite!

      My award at basketball represents the moment when I was first recognized for improvement. My free throw percentage was 11% when I started that camp & I finished at 57%… still an awful percentage, but incredible growth nonetheless.

      My grade school art recognition was the first time I surprised people with an achievement. We had several OUTSTANDING artists at St Barnabas & I did a pointillism style picture of my barbie doll using crayola fine tip markers. Most people entered oil on canvas or some other fancy style of art. No one ever saw me as an artist & I was just one of 4 students in the entire school who was recognized that year.

      Outspoken speaks for itself. Nothing has changed. Props to the class of 99 for having a true understanding of my character!

      Best Boyfriend is now Best Husband & Best Dad. My greatest blessing in life.

      Human Relations Award I credit to my parents. They raised me to care for all people & despite my sheltered upbringing in Catholic schools, they taught me to live by the golden rule & my 1st employer recognized this virtue by naming me the Human Relations Award Recipient – a title reserved for the faculty/staff members who treat all students with equal respect.

      My role with the David S Moore Foundation changed my life. I have learned more about forgiveness from the Moore Family than anyone else I know & David was a true example of work ethic & valor.

      And now… Female Focus. It’s amazing that my efforts have been recognized by my community. I’m humbled & proud.

      Thank you for the continued support! xoxoxo

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