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I’ve been cooking & cleaning all morning to get ready  for Mac’s 2nd birthday party today.  And of course I’m getting sentimental.  I’m a huge sap.  Everything makes me cry!  But as I was going over the mental checklist for party supplies & menu needs, I just realized…. The kitchen table is the setting for SO MANY beautiful moments in life.  You all know how I feel about food being a rich source of personal & family culture, but that really doesn’t compare to all the moments that occur at the kitchen table.  It’s just profound.

I recently had someone ask me where I got my table, it was fun to recount the day I picked it out.  In 2005 my parents took me to Dinette Land in Greenwood, Indiana to buy me a kitchen table for my new apartment.  I was getting ready to start my 1st job as a high school Spanish teacher & that table was mom & dad’s gift to me for turning the page in my life & starting a new chapter.  I think it was a $400 table, which included the chairs.  So it’s certainly not fancy or high-end.  But it means the world to me.  I still vividly remember loading it into my mom’s van & having my dad help me carry it into my apartment.  The first people that I sat with at my kitchen table were my mom & dad in the kitchen area of my 1st apartment.  And so the memories began….

The chairs broke in 2007 & we called the manufacturer about getting them replaced.  Since the model had been discontinued, they encouraged us to get them repaired by their contractor in our area.  The contractor came out; he fixed the broken chair & added some additional supports to the other 3 chairs so he wouldn’t have to come back anytime soon.  We paid him $80 for the job, and he not only fixed the chairs… but he changed my life.  The man had no legs.  He had 2 prosthetic legs – yet he drove himself to our house.  He walked inside.  He removed one leg to sit down on the kitchen floor & work on the chairs.  He did his work with no assistant.  He reattached his leg, got himself up, walked down steps & out the door.  He was confident enough to strike up good conversation with strangers – we talked about beer can chickens on the grill & football… the Indianapolis Colts, of course!  I think about that man often.  I sometimes wonder what he’s doing & when I’m having a frustrating moment in life – I will refer back to this kitchen table memory.  And sometimes when I think I’ve had a hard day at work – I will think about this man.

In addition to these special moments, I have countless of the more obvious kitchen table memories — birthday cakes, artwork, food prep, family dinners & more.  Here are some of my favorite pictures at the kitchen table.  I’m really looking forward to adding some more pictures & moments to my “Kitchen Table Memories” this weekend.  We will be having dinner tonight at our home to celebrate Mac’s 2nd birthday…. and the kitchen table will again be the setting for a beautiful moment in my life.  I look forward to sharing it with you all in my next blog.

xoxo Produce Mom

Mac’s 1st birthday
Artwork with Daddy 2009

Anniversary Flowers from Chip
Ebay Headquarters

Chip’s Birthday 2011 – his first to celebrate with Mac
Joe makes Eggplant Parm for the 1st time

My birthday 2011 – my first to celebrate with Mac

Joe’s 3rd birthday – fun with the cousins!

Mickey Mouse Pancakes – a Saturday morning favorite!

Father’s Day 2010- Chip’s first with Joe AND Mac

Miserably pregnant with Mac… but helping Joe make shamrock cookies- March 2010
Packing Joe’s lunchbox

Sunday morning fun

My best friend from IU – Jimmy John’s with Muffy! Just like our late nights on Kirkwood…. sorta.

Chip’s 1st birthday as a Daddy – Joe is 5 months old here
King Cake with cousin Nora – Fat Tuesday 2009

Papa always helps Joe dye Easter Eggs – the night before Easter 2010
Joe’s 2nd birthday

Celebrating a successful day of potty training & playing Joe’s favorite game!
Gingerbread Haunted Houses with Cousin RJ
Lori Taylor

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  1. love this! My dad still has the kitchen table he and my mom got when they got married. It is in horrible shape but no one will ever get rid of it for the very reason you highlight here…too many memories that are oh so special to all of us. This makes me want to find all of our pictures from over the years!

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